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Autumn Flowers - How to Succeed

The best time to plant is in the fall. Your plants avoid the summer drought, and by spring, they will have developed a proper root system. Here are the five best plants you can set in the fall.

Are you as fond of autumn flowers as we are? The best time to plant them is right here in the fall. Your plants won't dry out in the early summer sun, and by spring, they'll have formed a proper root system. This allows them to quickly start growing larger. Additionally, you won't need to water your plants as much as if you were planting them in the summer. Here are tips for the five best plants for this fall and how to make it a success.

 chrysanthemums and cyclamen as autumn planting


Plant a chrysanthemum on the patio, and you'll have a beautiful floral display in the fall when many other plants have stopped blooming. Chrysanthemums can bloom right into November if the temperature remains stable.

Chrysanthemums thrive best in partial shade. A slightly cooler location means the plant will stay beautiful for a longer time. Light is crucial for the flowers to bloom properly.

Plant in a larger pot to make it easier to care for the plant.

Water twice a week. The soil should be kept lightly moist at all times.

Remove faded flowers regularly.

 a woman holding heather. Heather as autumn planting


Heather adds color to the fall with its floral splendor. If you take care of your heather, it will stay beautiful throughout the season. Additionally, it can withstand outdoor winter conditions without any problems.

Heather prefers acidic and well-drained soil. Choose rhododendron soil, which is low in lime and has a low pH value.

Place the plant in a bright and sunny location on the balcony or in your garden. This will make it bloom for an extended period.

Heather prefers a lot of water and thrives in moist soil. If you forget to water, it quickly turns brown and dull. Water once a week as long as it's not freezing.

 hydrangea in a pot. Hydrangea as autumn planting


The fun thing about hydrangeas grown in pots is the great diversity. You can choose from many different varieties. Hydrangeas are dense plants with a delicate growth, making them very suitable for planting in a pot.

Place the hydrangea in a bright location but not in direct sunlight.

Hydrangeas like a lot of water. However, they should not stand in water. Therefore, immerse the potted plant in water and keep it there until the bubbling stops. Repeat three times a week.

Trim ugly flower clusters.

roses climb a wall. Roses as autumn planting


Roses benefit from being planted in the fall. They can often be purchased inexpensively in stores at this time of the year. They may look a bit dull right now, but will become beautiful flowering plants next year.

Roses thrive in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil.

Remove faded flowers to encourage a more abundant blooming.

Plant your roses in a sunny location, preferably against a wall, trellis, fence, or pergola.