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Summer Table Setting – Blooming Tips and Ideas

This summer, we set the table with beautiful flowers. Impress your guests with creative and simple flower arrangements. Here's how to succeed with your summer table setting.

Weddings, graduations, Midsummer, and birthdays. Summer is filled with fantastic celebrations. Create a delightful atmosphere at your summer party with beautiful flowers and creative arrangements.

Blooming Summer Table Setting - How to Succeed

 set your table with a purple carnation on top of the napkin

Flowers in Linen Napkin

Enhance your linen napkins with beautiful flowers. Use a napkin ring or tie a beautiful ribbon around the napkin. Then, insert one or two flowers. Let each guest have their own unique flower or follow the color theme of the party.

a wreath of flowers over the covered table. Flower garlands feature pink roses and pink carnations al

Flower Garland

Create a beautiful flower garland. Choose some lovely flowers and cut the stems to be about 5 cm. Then, measure with wire how long you want your garland to be. Wrap the wire with floral tape so that the flowers adhere better. Take a few flowers at a time and secure them with myrtle wire. Let the garland twist across the entire table

small vases with dahlias on a summer-dressed table ​

Flowers in Small Vases

Gather lots of small vases and containers in glass and porcelain. A tip is to look for them at flea markets. Place the vases on the table and put small mini-bouquets in each. It creates a real wow effect

a champagne bowl with bottle cap decorated with dahlias in pink colours

Champagne Bowl with Flowers

Are you serving lemonade or something else bubbly at the party? Find your largest champagne bowl and fill it with ice and water. Then take a bunch of flowers and cut the stems. Let the flowers float around with the ice cubes.

small red roses in a linen napkin on a ducat table

Match Drink and Flowers

Match the color of the flowers in your summer table setting with the drink you serve. It creates a beautiful effect that will surely impress your guests.

a large pink rose decorates a wrapped package

Are you invited to a summer party?

Have you been invited to a delightful summer party this summer? Don't forget to bring a gift for the host or hostess. Stick a beautiful flower under the ribbon, and your gift instantly becomes summer festive.