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Wedding anniversary overview

1 year: Paper wedding 15 years: Crystal wedding

2 years: Cotton wedding 20 years: Porcelain wedding

3 years: Leather wedding 25 years: Silver wedding

4 years: Flower wedding 30 years: Pearl wedding

5 years: Tree wedding 35 years: Coral wedding

6 years: Sugar wedding 40 years: Ruby wedding

7 years: Wool wedding 45 years: Sapphire wedding

8 years: Bronze wedding 50 years: Golden wedding

9 years: Willow wedding 55 years: Emerald wedding

10 years: Tin wedding 60 years: Diamond wedding

11 years: Steel wedding 65 years: Crown diamond wedding

12 years: Silk wedding 70 years: Iron wedding

12 1/2 years: 75 years of copper wedding: Atomic wedding

13 years: Lace wedding 90 years: Granite wedding

14 years: Ivory wedding


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