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Create your own Christmas arrangement

It is easy to make a Christmas arrangement and one you have made yourself is also a good and appreciated host gift for Christmas festive gatherings. Here we will give you inspiration on how to do it - step by step.

Christmas arrangement

How to make a simple Christmas arrangement


a woman arranging foliage in a bowl with christmas decorations

You must use

Start by finding something to plant in. It can be a beautiful bowl or an old clay pot. You can also make a simple Christmas planting in an old coffee cup, you e.g. have found a flea market. You will also need soil, plants according to the season, green moss to cover the ground with and decorations. You can use cones, Christmas balls, cinnamon sticks and other decorative decorations.

How to get started

Start by putting a few centimeters of soil at the bottom of the pot/bowl to make a foundation for the plants. This means that the plants stand stably on the bottom.

a woman putting soil into a bowl with small festive plants around her
festive plants

Place the plants

Place your plants. In this Christmas planting, we have chosen to use poinsettia, ivy, kalanchoe, spring onion and fir. Feel free to choose plants that have different shapes. One that is tall, one that is lower and a plant that is more hanging. Consider where and in which direction the Christmas planting should stand, then it will be easier to decide how the plants should be planted. Think about whether there should be a front or back, or whether it should stand in the middle of a table and be seen from all sides.

Plant and cover with moss

When you have placed all the plants and are satisfied, fill in soil so that the roots are covered and the plants are stable. Then cover the soil with green moss. Make sure to cover with green moss everywhere, so it will be really nice.


a woman arranging festive plants in a bowl
a woman adding christmas decoration into a bowl of festive plants

The final touch

Finish by adding Christmas baubles or other decorations to give the interplanting the final touch. Be creative with the decorations. Remember to put the decorations so that there is balance in the Christmas arrangement and it does not look too messy.


Completed Christmas arrangement

Then the Christmas arrangement is ready. Decorate at home to create a Christmas atmosphere or give it as a host gift at a Christmas gathering.

a christmas plant