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Decorate your hosts' gift

We think it's nice to bring a gift to the annual Christmas get-together. It's fun to go the extra mile and decorate the host gift to make it more personal.

How to decorate your host gifts

Christmas gifts decorated with Christmas-style foliage and plants

You will need

We have chosen to use eucalyptus, pine cones, spruce twigs and more. Choose what you think is fine. Only the imagination sets the limits. It is easiest to use steel wire to attach flowers and twigs. If you don't want the steel wire to be visible, you can wrap a ribbon on the outside.

Give something homemade

A lifehack that will take the hostess by storm. You cheat and buy the cookies, put them in an old jar and then finish by wrapping a ribbon around the glass and sticking some spruce branches, eucalyptus and pine cones behind the ribbon. Then it looks like you've brought homemade cookies, and who doesn't love that?

A jar filled with cookie with foliage tied on top
a present wrapped with eucalyptus and a tea strainer

Tea bag

Tea in bulk with a tea strainer is a great addition to the cookies, but also a really nice gift to give. To make it more personal, we've spiced up the tea bag with eucalyptus, spruce sprigs and a beautiful white silk ribbon. You can then wrap the cookie tin and tea in a nice gift bag and it will feel even more luxurious.

Nice bottle

We think a bottle of bubbles is a wonderful and luxurious gift. Carefully select a bottle and decorate it with seasonal greenery and beautiful ribbons. Here we have used a natural ribbon, but you can also use e.g. silk ribbon, lace, satin and velour.

A bottle wrapped in greenery
a box of chocolates in festive wrapping and greenery

Chocolate box

Just as cookies and tea make a nice gift, you can also choose to give bubbles and a box of chocolates. Chocolate and bubbles – the perfect match! Here we have wrapped steel wire and natural ribbons around the entire box and then decorated with seasonal greens such as moss, eucalyptus and spruce. Remember to put the plants closely, because it is a larger area that needs to be covered and we do not want the box to be seen through.

Go to a Christmas get-together and surprise with your personal and beautiful gift wrapping.
Choose one, two things or go all in and put together a whole basket of goodies.


a bowl of festive plants and flowers on a table with a board of food and two mugs