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What to write in the card for Mother's Day?

It's not always easy to put words to what you feel and think when you send flowers to your mother. Here are some good suggestions for what you can write on the card if you want to delight your mother with flowers on Mother's Day.

Do you want to send more than flowers for Mother's Day? We also have other great gift ideas to celebrate mom, including delicious chocolate.

 a young man hugging and kissing his mother on the cheek for Mother's Day

Mom is always right

Mom, you always know exactly what to say and what to do to make my world a little better and more beautiful. Thank you for being there!

You are anything but ordinary; you are: loving, warm, funny, smart, and completely yourself. Sometimes it's annoying that you're always right, but most of the time, it's just amazing, and we don't know what we would do without you.

You make it look so easy! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

a mother and a daughter are sitting on a sofa hugging each other and laughing for mother's day


A thousand thanks for your support and your love. It means everything to me.

Nothing in the whole world can compare to a hug from mom. You are exceptional! Happy Mother's Day, dear mother!

Time has changed us - but brought us closer together. Mother and child - friends for life.

Fathers teach us what to become. Mothers teach us what we are. You are priceless, Mom, but for now, you'll have to settle for flowers! Happy Mother's Day!

 a mother and a daughter are sitting on a sofa hugging each other and laughing for mother's day


To my strong, beautiful, and happy mother on Mother's Day.

Thank you for always being there for me. You are exceptional.

You are the loveliest, most beautiful, and coolest mother in the whole world.

I wouldn't be who I am without you. Thank you for all your support.

My greatest role model, my first love – Happy Mother's Day!

a bouquet of pink and green carnations stands on a table, where a coffee cup can be seen and a green velvet sofa in the background

Mom is the best in the world

To the world's best mom!

Every day should be Mother's Day!

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful mother!

You are the best in the world. I love you!

You always spoil us, but today it's your turn to be spoiled.