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Floral inspiration: Valentine's Day

Flowers are coziness, well-being, luxury and joy. They are a natural part of the big moments in life - birth, confirmation, wedding, party and holidays. On this page, we follow the latest flower trends and give you inspiration for all the beautiful things you can use them for.
Euroflorist is proud to collaborate with some of the most talented flower decorators in Denmark. When you send flowers through us, you can be sure that we deliver genuine floral crafts from local shops.

Trend special: Winter and spring

a red cake decorated with fruit

Food is art

Even when we cook, it must be well done, like an edible work of art!

a vibrant collage

Curious Collage

This winter, velor and velvet are becoming increasingly popular. Feathers, gold and jewelery are perfect as decorations. In the Curious Collage trend, we want to recreate the decadent luxury of bygone times.

a red handbag with rose details

Crafts are trendy

The Curious Collage trend includes the material - gold and precious stones (of course it doesn't matter if they are not real), brooches and jewellery. It goes again in flowers and interiors. We enjoy what we can hold and touch.


a woman with a large bunch of blue and white flowers on her back

Flowers are memories

Whether it's grandma's rose hips, anemones in the forest or lily of the valley in the garden - flowers are strong memories. And Curious Collage reminds us of that.

white flowers in small vase on a windowsill

Forest Fantastic

We find well-being and peace by bringing nature into the living room and look back to the roots and a slightly raw and unpolished expression.

a girl sat on a rock with a bouquet

Use nature

Forest Fantastic takes us out into nature and uses materials we can find in the forest.