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Tie your own flower wreath

Go to weddings and confirmations with flowers in your hair. How to easily bind a flower wreath as if you were a professional - step by step.

Are you going to a confirmation or wedding over the summer? Bind your own flower wreath. Choose your favorite flowers or flowers that match your dress. We give you tips on how to bind a beautiful flower wreath - just like a professional.

How to make a flower wreath?

Floral tape and wire lie alongside two lengths of pink ribbon. A spool of wire, secateurs,  and scissors are beside these items. Everything is placed on backdrop of linnen.

You must use

For your flower wreath, you must use steel wire, flower wire,  silk ribbon, and of course - lots of beautiful flowers and lots of greenery...

Someone is wrapping floral tape around a bit of wire. In the background there is the roll of tape along with loose flowers and a platter of strawberries.

How to make the base

Measure out how much rayon wire you need and make two loops at the ends. Use floral tape for the frame so that the flowers stick better.

Loose bluebells, roses, baby's breath, and chrysanthemums are lying on a background of linen

Flowers for the wreath

In this wreath you will find lion's foot, thorn, rosebuds, baby's breath, santini, and prairie bell. Other flowers and green leaves that fit in a wreath are, for example: ivy, hydrangea, carnation, cornflower, daisies, and poppies. When you have selected your flowers, cut the stems so that they are approx. 5 cm long.

Various flowers are being hand-bound in wire with a background of white striped cotton.

Attach the flowers to the wreath

Now it's time to attach the flowers to the wreath. Begin by tying the flower wire firmly on the outermost part of the steel wire. Take some flowers, wrap 2-3 times around the stems with floral wire. Then add new flowers and wrap them tightly. Remember to tighten well enough with the flower wire so that the flowers are stuck, but not too tight so that the flowers break. Continue wrapping in a few flowers at a time until the wreath is complete. Tie off the wire after the last round.

A wreath of flowers in whites and pinks along with greenery are being hand-tied with pink ribbon. A green floral dress along with a white striped cotton spread is seen in the background.

Tie the silk ribbon

Take a long silk ribbon and pull it through both loops. Put the wreath on your head and tie the silk ribbon in a pretty bow at the back.

A wreath of flowers in whites and pinks along with greenery are tied with pink ribbon has been placed upon the head of a person with long light brown/blonde hair. A hand is outstretched adjusting  A green floral dress along with a white striped cotton spread is seen in the background. The person is outdoors where greenery, a growing box, and fence are blurred in the background.

Your own flower wreath

Now you have your own beautiful flower wreath that will last long into the summer night. Did you bind the wreath the day before the party? Rinse the finished wreath and put it in a bag. Then put the bag in the fridge overnight.