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Autumn Wreath – How to Make Your Own Door Wreath

When the seasons change and it starts getting darker outside, we enjoy decorating. A perfect decoration for the fall is to make your own door wreath to create a cozy atmosphere. Bind your own autumn wreath to hang on your door. Be creative and fill it with everything that belongs to the fall, like heather, rowan berries, leaves, pinecones, and small apples. Only your imagination sets the limits.

a wreath of hay on a plaid and a pair of scissors. What you need to make your own autumn wreath

You will need

To create your autumn wreath, you will need a straw base, myrtle wire, flowers and plants of your choice, and ribbon for hanging. Remember, the smaller the wreath and the more flowers, the fuller the result. Therefore, it might be good to choose a size for the straw wreath that is not too small.

a table with various autumn flowers and greenery on it. The base for making your own autumn wreath

Choose flowers

In this wreath, we have chosen to use eucalyptus, thistles, and leaves picked outdoors for their charming and voluminous appearance, which becomes very beautiful when they dry! You can also use: heather, small apples, rose hips, rowan berries, grass, dried ferns, ivy, hops, lamb's ears, statice, seed heads of scabiosa, various types of leaves, cones, maple leaves.
Before you start working with your flowers, you can trim the stem to be about 5 cm long. This makes the flowers easier to work with and prevents them from sticking out beyond the wreath.

 a woman showing how to tie her own autumn wreath

How to start making your autumn wreath

Begin by tying the myrtle wire securely to the outer edge of the straw base to anchor the end. Take some flowers and place them against the straw base, then wind the wire around the stems 2–3 times. Next, add new flowers and secure them by winding the wire. Remember to tie the wire tightly so that the flowers stay in place after they dry

a woman showing how to spin the ant thread around the autumn wreath to tie it

Secure the wire

Continue this until the entire wreath is full of flowers! Secure the wire by winding it several times around the wreath. Try to tuck it in between some flowers so that it's not visible, aiming for a professional result, just as if a florist had arranged it!

a beautiful autumn wreath leaning against a table. The result of how to tie your own autumn wreath

The result

Finish by wrapping a ribbon of your choice to be able to hang your wreath on the door. We have chosen to use a wide satin ribbon, but choose according to your taste and what suits your home. You can be creative and use satin ribbon, lace, natural twine, velvet, etc.

a beautiful autumn wreath that you tie yourself. Autumn wreath hangs on the door


Hang up your door wreath now and let it hang throughout the autumn to create the right atmosphere.