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Flowers directly from the grower

Fresh, fresher, freshest. With freshly picked flowers directly from the grower, you get a beautiful bouquet that stays fresh for longer. And since there are fewer steps involved, you get more flowers for your money. In Euroflorist flower boxes we add additional flowers to our bouquets so you can enjoy more of them.

✓  More flowers for your money  ✓  Unbeatable freshness  ✓ Track & Trace

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  • More flowers for your money

    More flowers for your money

    Hand-picked flowers, directly from the grower. Carefully bound and delivered to your door.

  • Unbeatable freshness

    Unbeatable freshness

    The fresher the flowers, the more joy. Delivered in bud, flowering the next day.

  • Enjoy the moment

    Enjoy the moment

    Feeling of luxury when unpacking the flowers. When you open the box you will be greeted by happiness

  • Track & Trace

    Track & Trace

    Track the status of your order with Track & Trace