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Christmas Inspiration: Christmas Wreath


One of the first signs that Christmas is coming is the traditional Christmas wreath that many hang on the door. There it hangs, welcoming Christmas and its guests during the dark time. If the wreath is made of the right materials, it even smells like Christmas!

a wreath of hay that is the frame for your Christmas wreath. Lying on a white plaid

Good materials for the Christmas wreath

Natural materials such as spruce, twigs, straw, leaves, and pine cones are perfect for a Christmas wreath. Silk ribbons can be wrapped around the wreath as decoration and can also serve as a hanger. The door wreath is naturally round, but it can also be heart-shaped or even star-shaped.

a Christmas wreath with four candles in it. Christmas wreath as a candle holder

Did you know that...

... the tradition of advent wreaths, like the Christmas tree, comes from Germany? The four candles symbolize the four Sundays in Advent, and according to tradition, they should be lit one by one, so all four candles burn on the 4th Sunday in Advent.

a Christmas wreath of winter green and white flowers and pine cones. The Christmas wreath hangs on the front door

Take care of your wreath

Wreaths don't like heat. Keep it away from heat sources and direct sunlight. The wreath prefers partial shade and can be placed in a cool spot. If you have it indoors, you can keep it fresh by misting it with water occasionally.

a Christmas wreath of wintergreen along with red flowers hangs on the front door

Why a wreath for Christmas?

The Christmas wreath has a long history that can be traced back to ancient Persia. Back then, the wreath was a symbol of power and success. In Greece, laurel wreaths were used to honor the winners of the Olympic Games. In the Roman Empire, emperors used them. (Have you read Asterix?)

The connection between ancient Greece, Roman emperors, and today's Christmas wreaths may not be obvious, but it is said that athletes hung their wreaths on the wall as a trophy, and that became the origin of the tradition of hanging wreaths on doors.