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The sunflower - as magnificent as the sun.

The sunflower is one of our most magnificent summer flowers. With its large yellow blooms, it shines in competition with the sun.

How do you cultivate sunflowers in a pot? How often should you water it, and when does the sunflower bloom? Inspiration and answers can be found below. Tips and inspiration about sunflowers.

 a jug that waters the sunflowers. How to water your sunflowers

How often should you water a sunflower?

Since the sunflower is sensitive to drought, you should water it regularly. If you plant the sunflower outdoors, you can advantageously provide it with extra nutrients after a month. This can be natural fertilizer, compost, or liquid fertilizer.

Care advice: Remove flowers that start to wither. This often prompts the plant to produce more flowers, allowing you to enjoy your sunflower for an extended period.

two sunflowers in a jar. How to care for your potted sunflowers

Sunflower in a Pot

Sunflowers are truly fun to grow! The seeds are large and easy to handle, and both small and large fingers can easily push them into the soil. It is one of our most easy-to-grow summer flowers, and it also looks very nice in a pot on the patio.

Use a slightly larger pot. Fill the pot two-thirds full with regular potting soil. Top it off with sowing soil. Then, place the sunflower seed about an inch below the soil. Water it and place the pot in a warm location.

The sunflower sprouts quickly, grows rapidly, and can become incredibly large in just one season. When you see the first small leaves emerge, move the pot to a bright but cooler location. The nighttime temperature should be around 15°C. When the sunflower plant has outgrown the pot, transplant it into a new, larger one.

a woman planting her sunflowers. How to plant your sunflowers

Growing Sunflowers

The sunflower is an easy-to-grow flower. Provide it with deep, nutrient-rich, well-draining soil, along with regular watering, and it will grow quickly. The plant thrives best in a sunny location, of course.

Sunflowers can be sown directly in the planting area in May, as soon as the soil has warmed up. If you want the sunflower to bloom early in the year, you can start pre-cultivating them indoors as early as April.

The stately and resilient sunflower blooms from late summer to early fall.

If you have issues with snails, it can also be a good idea to pre-cultivate indoors. Snails particularly love the small sunflower shoots. Pollinating insects also appreciate sunflowers, which is excellent for the environment and nature. Additionally, the nutrient-rich seed heads become food for birds and other small animals during the winter months.

sunflowers as cut flowers. Two sunflowers lie next to a pair of scissors

The Sunflower as a Cut Flower

Did you know that the sunflower can be used as a cut flower? Cut the stem at a diagonal angle and place it in a tall vase with water.

Remember to remove any leaves that might end up submerged in water before placing it in the vase. Feel free to remove a few extra if you'd like – leaves consume a lot of energy, and this way, the flower will stay beautiful for a longer time. Trim the stems diagonally with a sharp knife and place them in a beautiful vase that provides both support and space.

sunflowers in bouquet. a hand that holds many sunflowers ​

Facts about the Sunflower

The sunflower is named as it is because the flower itself turns towards the sun. That's why you can see an entire field of sunflowers facing the same direction. It's also a fitting name because the flower actually resembles the sun.

a woman standing on a pier in her arms she has many sunflowers

Blooming period: July-October

Height: 50-300 cm depending on the variety
Location: Sunny
Plant spacing: about 30 cm
Soil/nutrients: Thrives in nutrient-rich and warm soil. If you want a stately sunflower, it requires a lot of nutrients.
Watering: If you water too little, the plants become thin.